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A play-based, imagination-oriented approach to children’s learning and development is the basis for our program planning and delivery of activities. Children use play and imagination to explore their environment, understand and make sense of their feelings, and develop their verbal and social skills. Our programs encompass the whole child as we strive to support each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative growth. As part of a group, the children learn the importance of cooperation, problem solving and sharing. At the same time, we encourage each child to express their individual ideas as we work to promote their self-esteem and independence. The children are encouraged to explore creatively, ask questions, make independent choices, and learn through play in a supportive and caring atmosphere.

123ABC Montessori Childcare in Maple Ridge is proud of the work we do and the services we provide. We are respectful of the trust invested to us by parents / guardians. We believe our first obligation is to protect the physical, emotional and social well-being of each-and-every child. Our objective is to help each child build strong foundations for life, which will support their healthy development, both as individuals and as members of their community.


Early Childhood Educator
Infant / Toddler Educator
Special Needs Educator
Early Childhood Educator Diploma
Montessori Teacher
First Aid Certified
Food Safe Certified
(Review variations in qualifications)

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